Integrity in our corporate endeavors is formulated on our company's principle "Sincerity": Be sincere to people, communities and nature. Years of sincerity have produced corporate trustworthiness and fortified corporate foundation. Sincerity of 50 consecutive years invites harmony among those who work here together, the harmony of people who aspire after advance in technologies, making the best of accumulation of what we have achieved.
The 21st century cannot ignore environmental protection. Our expertise in plastic industry, i.e. production sector specialized in molded precision plastics, mold designing and production, has facilitated fabrication of pipe linings to rehabilitate aged sewage pipelines. Its technology is patented, and so is abroad. The demand for rehabilitation of aged pipelines has been increasing also for environmental reasons. The facility and technology in molding plastics enables us to work out another underground pipe renovation system.We have been meeting the nationwide demands that have been arising from municipalities, localities and any local agencies. Research is ongoing for provision of optic fiber lining system, including development of plastic connectors applicable to optic fibers. Thus, plastic based products are countless, and more are coming into our view of further research and development.
With a view to growing globally. we first attempted venture in South East Asia.
Our production facilities in Thailand have been in operation since 1996 for supply of molded plastic products, and another counterpart will start operation in China under joint venture agreement. Launching our business in the USA will not be so remote.

We believe that our ceaseless efforts will earn your confidence and support.

Takao Kamiyama, President

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